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Building Stair Railings in Utah

We have a passion for installing stair railings and banisters

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Apex Carpentery

We build stair railings out of wood and  wood with iron balusters. We build simple stair railings and custom railings that will be unique to your home. A stair banister has a big impact on the look and feel of your home and we have the experience to design and construct a stair railing that will enhance your home.

Wood stair railings

Wood and iron railings

Custom Stair railngs

We are a local carpentry company that has been serving the Salt Lake area for over 20 years.  We are a licensed and insured contractor for your protection.  We take pride in our work and providing our customers the best value and service.  We know that keeping our customers happy is the only way to stay in business.  We stay small so that we can give you personized attention and maintain high quality.  We stay up too date on the latest trends and styles so that we can provide you with a banister that will add value and enhance your home.

What we do

New stair construction and installation
New stair railing installation
Stair railing remodel and replacement
Wood stair railings
Wood railings with iron balusters
Horizontal round bars
Custom iron balusters
Wood stair caps
Staining and painting
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